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DAVO Sales Tax For Merchants
Navigate Sales Tax

Our Advantages Really Add Up

  • DAVO easily integrates with your POS and accounting software. Simple and easy set-up.
  • Setting aside sales tax funds daily ensures taxes are always available for payment.
  • DAVO files and pays your sales tax on time and in full. Safe, Automatic, Effortless.
  • DAVO your Simplified Sales Tax Solution.
DAVO Sales Tax For Government DORs
The ultimate lockbox

The ultimate lockbox for sales tax

  • The DAVO process is a patented methodology for the passive collection of both current and back sales tax owed to government tax authorities.
  • DAVO offers states an automated end-to-end sales tax collection solution that does not involve additional integration nor administrative costs.
  • DAVO offers an optimal solution for taxing authorities, obviating the need for costly collection agencies.
DAVO FranchisePay for Franchisors

DAVO FranchisePay

  • Easily integrates with the POS system used by your franchisees.
  • Automatically collects franchise royalty and advertising fees on a daily basis.
  • Transfers those fees to you daily, weekly or monthly - Your choice.
Check Sales Tax Off Your To-Do List Forever.

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